Emma Jeskanen: Beautiful walks on Ross River Parkway

There are many beautiful walks and bike ways in Townsville, but one of my absolute favorites is the Ross River Parkway. The Parkway consists of over 30 km of pathway along the gorgeous Ross River and it is also divided into smaller circuits if you don’t feel like riding or walking too long of a distance. The individual circuits range from 1.6km to 7.2km.IMG_0133 (2)

There is lots to do and see along the river as well, so you can even make a day of it. One of my favorite places on the way is Palmetum botanic gardens, where you can see plenty of wildlife too (just be mindful, cycling is not allowed in the Palmetum area). Another great spot to stop for a while is the Riverway Arts Center. There are also plenty picnic areas on the way if you’d just like to stop and enjoy the river views.

I enjoy going to the Parkway for a bike ride especially during the week, when it’s near empty and it feels like  I have the whole place for myself. During the weekends the Parkway gets a little busier, but thanks to the wide pathway there’s still plenty room for everyone. There are maps for the circuits (and also for other walks and bike ways) on Townsville’s website, but they are also clearly marked oIMG_0122 (3)n the pathway.

The pictures are taken from my bike ride along the Aplin’s Weir Circuit, which is also one of Townsville’s 10 000 steps walks. What a beautiful place to get a little exercise, or spend the afternoon with a lovely picnic!

Posted on 03rd Aug 2017

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