Introducing Emma Jeskanen from Finland! TAFE Queensland North

Hi everyone! My name is Emma Jeskanen and I am currently studying cookery and hospitality here at TAFE Queensland North. I’m from Finland, but during my travels I enjoyed the Australian weather, laid-back atmosphere and friendly people so much that I wanted to stay here a little longer and decided to start my studies here.

I first came to Townsville when  I was backpacking in Australia couple years ago, and to be honest it wasn’t love at first sight. But during my time here  I met some amazing people and because of them I returned to Townsville several times during my travels, each time learning a bit more about this place and starting to like it more and more. So finally, when I decided to come study in Australia, Townsville was at the top of my list.

I’m really enjoying studying at TAFE. Everyday I’m learning so many new things from our amazing teachers, and I always look forward to going to school and getting to spend the day in the kitchen. Both the teachers and other staff have all been so friendly and supportive during my studies. They understand that moving to the other side of the world might not be easy, wether it’s finances, home sickness, or just in general starting your life over. The patience  they have and the help and guidance they have given, has made a huge impact on me.

My spare time (especially during the summer) is mostly spent trying to escape the heat that my Nordic body is not quite yet used to. My favorite weekend activity is probably going for a walk on the Strand and enjoying breakfast somewhere on its many restaurants and cafes.

Even though I’ve spent quite some time in Townsville by now, there are still many things I haven’t done, seen or experienced here and in the surrounding areas. I’m hoping to do some more exploring in the next year and hopefully I can show you a glimpse of what life in the Tropical North Queensland can be like. Catch up with you soon!blogpic2

Posted on 23rd Jun 2017

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