Vanessa Maglaya: Townsville Pet Expo

Studying here in Townsville is exciting and fun because of the different events they have throughout the year. On June 8, 2017, I was given the chance to witness and experience the pet expo on The Strand. The Strand is a strip of beach in the center of the city where a lot of events are held. The event started at 9 in the morning and finished at 3 pm. The experience of seeing and being around lots and lots of dogs was entertaining to me as a dog lover. I saw different breeds of dogs like Huskies, German Shepherds, Maltese, and much more! Also not only were dogs present but cats as well. It was mesmerizing and comforting to see the dogs who participated in the event, they were so cute and huggable and I wanted to take them home.

I am grateful to see that Townsville launched this kind of event for pet lovers and that they have a celebration dedicated for pets. During the event, there were some stalls where you could buy stuff and a vet stall to ask about the health of your beloved pet. One of the activities they had was the search for the smallest and biggest dog. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to witness who the winner was, but while I was there I saw a little puppy, which was small and probably only a few weeks old; I like to think that little dog won.


Surprisingly, there were many people who participated in the pet expo. You can really see that Townsville residents are pet lovers. I could say that if people here care for animals, they also care more about people. So staying here has less crime and is safer. In my few years staying here in Townsville, I would say that it is indeed a safe place to live in and it is a peaceful city.

Posted on 30th Jun 2017

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